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Buying guide to choose the best food processor When you buy the best food processor for our cooking and for our needs it is important to know the different types, characteristics, functions and firing programs which have different types and models of food processors available in the market. Thus, taking into account our needs we can choose the food processor that best fits.

This will mean that we do not buy a robot that we are not going to use and that we make the most of our purchase. Programs and functions The amount of functions or programs that the food processor has, is possibly the most important feature to consider. I has no use to buy a food processor that does not allow us enjoy our favorite cooking recipes or prepare the most common dishes.

It is the reason why we always say that the most important thing is to be clear about what kind of functions it has. If look for a food processor that cooks for us, should make sure that it has cooking programs. You can also have functions for steaming, frying, stewing and even baking. If on the contrary, we want a kneading robot, then we can look at the kitchen robots of this type that are simpler.

We can find a great variety of food processors. Some even have smart cooking functions. Which, are able to detect the amount of food and its weight. At that time the food processor itself adjusts the time, temperature and movements of food inside to get the best results in any type of cooking recipe prepared with robot.

Power of the food processor

The fundamental characteristic of food processors is their power. This power is used in heating, cooking, stirring and even kneading. In terms of power, we cannot say that there is an ideal or minimum power. Since it will largely depend on the capacity of the food processor itself and the functions that it integrates.

To choose the right power we will have to ask ourselves how many people we will cook for habitually. It will depend on the number of diners we will buy a food processor that has a tank or container with the necessary capacity to house all food. It is important to choose a capacity that fits the usual needs of our kitchen.

Since if we buy a large capacity food processor to use with few foods, we will be wasting potential and efficiency when cooking with robot. In the market exist multitude of powers in terms of food processors. Models that range from 400 and some reach 2000 watts. Will be in function on which functions integrate each model, determine what is the ideal power. Normally, programmable or cooking robots usually need more power.

Each food processor posses specific functionalities, so let’s see the main features that can have the best food processor.

Another key factor in choosing which food processor to buy will be the type of use. By type of use we mean the type of recipes, foods and dishes that we are going to prepare. Both the capacity and power that are also key factors to cook with a food processor successfully, we must make sure which food processor is capable and suitable for the different types of recipe for food processor that exist.


When we talk about the capacity of the food processor, this comes defined by the main container of the food processor. We will have to choose that capacity that best fits the type of recipes that we will prepare since if we buy a food processor with little capacity it will limit the amount of food that we will be able to prepare.

Similarly, choosing a food processor with excess capacity will cause it to be underused if we do not make the most of all the features of said food processor. Capacity also influences power. It is the ability that a food processor has to chop, crush and knead any type of food on the one hand and the cooking ability on the other.

From be able to chop and crush any type of food it is advisable to choose a food processor with sufficient power to rotate your cutting blades and process any food without overloading the food processor.

Cooking with food processor

Not all food processors are capable of cooking and is one of the main differences between the different models that exist. We can find induction cookers and others that Cook with hot air and very little oil. All types of cooking offer advantages and disadvantages that must take into account when choose the best food processor.

Induction cooking with food processor is the most efficient and usually presents the best results. Some kitchen robots that are capable of cooking, necessarily, must have some cooking system or technology. Said system can be thanks to an electrical resistance that is heated and in turn heats the bowl or container, or even can be by induction.

Without a doubt, induction cookers are more efficient and get better results since the heat transmission and retention of the same, is superior. This way, we will not only save energy and time but also the robot will cook better and easier reaching the optimum temperature earlier and keeping it longer to perfectly cook all the foods.

Steam cooking

Equally not all food processors include a function for steaming and must be taken into account when purchasing. To steam with robot you need some type of steamer accessory to take advantage of the strength of the Steam and cook healthier and with less fat.

Cooking programs

The best food processors all include various programs for cooking and preparing food. All programs are activated very easily and the food processor will cook autonomous. We can even select the start and end time for the food processor to cook without that we are not even present. The main advantage of these pre-selected programs is that there is no room for error.

Therefore, we will have to enter the food, choose the most suitable program for the type of recipe, select the start time and the food processor will cook for us. Even there are food processors feature special and concrete features and functions. these functions are very interesting and can be very useful.

But without a doubt, the most important thing is that you have pre-configured programs for greater agility when adjusting the temperature, time and rotation speed values for certain recipes and foods. Although these programs represent a great advantage for the food processor, what is more important is that they have manual mode.

The manual mode refers to that we can adjust manually and to our liking both the temperature, the cooking time or the speed at which the food rotates inside the container.

Timer and indicators

The vast majority of food processors include some kind of timer that can be digital or analog to control the cooking time of processing any ingredient. this way it is much easier to control the entire cooking process.

But also it is important that the robot kitchen includes some type of indicator light or LCD screen in which show whole process as well as help to select the most suitable program or change of task by pressing a single button.


The outer manufacturing material is usually plastic for the housing. Except for some models that are entirely made of stainless steel. But what really matters and has an impact on the durability and the results that we will get, is the material of manufacture of the parts that come into contact with food and its accessories.

Normally, the tumbler or main recipient, are made of stainless steel. Like the blades, grinders and rods are also made of stainless steel. In this way, not only are they kept in perfect condition for much longer but they also process food better.


This is undoubtedly one of the most important points to choose a good food processor. It can be stated that a food processor without accessories is nothing more than a pretty expensive mess in our kitchen. With the accessories we can perform a lot of tasks with the food processor just by changing one accessory for another.

Take a good look at the number of accessories that the food processor contains to avoid that we then have to buy more additional accessories. The same way, when we take more advantage of our food processor it is possible that we are interested to acquiring more accessories to increase the possibilities it offers us.

This is why we always recommend food processors of well-known brands and with a great variety of accessories and thus make the most of our purchase. Among the most demanded and sought after accessories in a food processor we find the following: Integrated scale It is very useful to have a scale integrated in the food processor since we will not have to weigh food in advance.

Only keep introducing them into the food processor and this will indicate the weight to control the quantities. You can also count on an accessory such as the blender and a very practical way to take advantage of a food processor although not all food processors include this accessory.

Price of the best food processors

The price is certainly also part of the features to consider to choose the best food processor. In the market we can find robots for every taste and every pocket. Although not always the most expensive is the most suitable for everyone. For a kneading robot, / if we are looking for a kneading robot for chopping food we can are talking about prices below €200.

Instead, a kitchen machine that has all the functionalities and programs available we can be talking about a price that is around 800 or 900 €. With this difference in prices, it is very important choose the one that best suits your needs and not buy by buy. Aspects such as the accessories it includes can order or substantially lower the price of the food processor.

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