How to clean the microwave

The microwave is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. But it also can become quite dirty. And sometimes it may be difficult to clean it.

If you want to learn five different methods to clean you microwave, this post will be of your interest. We have gathered the recommendations of the best microwave brands to clean the microwave easily.

Five ways to clean a microwave

When cooking with the microwave, sometimes it can be very dirty. And if we leave the dirt it will become very hard and difficult to clean it. So if you think on buying a new microwave, wait until we present you with five methods to clean the microwave oven.

Water and lemon

You will only need a lemon and some water to make it as clean as new. The lemon can be used squeezed or simply cut in half. But anyway, the lemon is the best ally to clean and remove all kind of dirt and grease.

To use this method, first pour about 300 ml of water in a bowl and a little bit of bicarbonate. Then we put it inside the microwave at maximum power for five minuts. When it starts to make steam it will soften all the dirt and grease inside the microwave.

When this is over, simply take out the glass or bowl with the mixture and just use a clean kitchen rag to clean it profoundly. The dirt will go off really easily and with no effort.


The vinegar can be used in the same way as lemon. We will need a glass of water and a spoonful of white vinegar. Then it needs to be heated for five minutes in the microwave and the generated steam will degrease all the surface.

Kitchen soap

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can use kitchen or dishwasher soap to clean it. It is like cleaning any other piece of crockery.

To clean the microwave we take an sponge and use water and some dishwasher soap to scrub all the dirt from the inside walls of the microwave.

Sodium bicarbonate

Another way is using sodium bicarbonate instead of soap. The method is exactly the same as when using the soap.

Wet rag

The most traditional way to clean the microwave is using a wet rag and scrubbing all the dirt. Is by far the hardest way to clean but sometimes is just the only option available to make it really clean.

Cleaning tips for the microwave

Nowadays there are some products that can make the microwave cleaning an effortless task. With this products you can forget about cleaning your microwave.

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