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Recommendations to buy the best microwave

Before we are going to buy a new microwave there are different technical features and functions that will need to take into account to choose the most suitable to the needs of our kitchen.

A microwave is an electrical appliance that since its first appearance on the market has changed a lot. But it has also opened a gap in almost every home in the world.

Being an appliance that we use daily and for a heap of uses, it is important to choose the one that best suits our needs and the way we cook with microwaves. Whether for heating water to cooking a delicious roast chicken, the uses of the microwave are endless and every time are more thanks to the innovation and technology with which the best microwaves on the market.

Best selling microwaves of 2021

Next let’s see what features we will take into account so that the choice of the microwave fits what we need in our kitchen.

Choosing microwaves: look at these key points

Every kitchen has specific needs for choosing the ideal microwave. Anyway before buying the ideal microwave for our kitchen, we will have to consider a number of features so that our choice suits our needs. Next let’s see what we should look for to choose the best microwave for our specific needs.

Types of microwaves

Before choosing the microwave that best fits our home should differentiate the different types of microwaves according to their operation and characteristics.

Integrated microwaves

The main difference of integrable microwaves is that has an outer housing designed to install it in the furniture of the kitchen. It is a good choice to make better use of the space in the kitchen.

The measurements are usually fully standardized according to the most common measurements in kitchen furniture. In addition, we can buy a frame to make the installation perfect.

The important thing is to choose an integrable microwave is to measure accurately the space we have in the kitchen furniture. That’s why it will also determine the capacity and size of microwaves you can mount.

Turntable microwave

These are the most typical and those that are present in almost every home. This type of microwave has a dish that rotates while in operation. Equally, we can also opt for a microwave that does not have the turntable. This second type more closely resemblesan oven.

It has a ceramic surface so that we can put the food directly. Its cleaning is much easier and faster by just having to clean a smooth non-stick surface.

Convection microwave

Equally, most convection microwaves base their capacity of heating and cooking in the air at high/ high temperature. Therefore, have / have a fan that directs this hot air inside the microwave to cook food.

Multi-function microwave

are possibly the most advanced and that allow you to combine many of the above features in a single appliance. With that multi-function microwaves allow you to make virtually any dish or recipe by simply selecting the most suitable function for each preparation.

Microwave with grill

These are the best sellers and the most practical. Thanks to that have a resistance at the top, allows get brown food or give a crispy touch that with other microwaves you can not. The grill resistance heats up and allows food to be roasted or gratinated more quickly and easily.

Microwaves of stainless steel or other materials

The furniture and decoration of the kitchens has been evolving over the the passage of time. Equally, Home Appliances has also had to do it. That’s why, stainless steel has been consolidating as one of the most used materials for the manufacture and decoration of household appliances. That’s why, we can also buy stainless steel microwave.

The advantages of stainless steel are several but what stands out most is that it is a much more material discreet and that give a more modern touch to the kitchen in which it is installed. With just pass a simple damp cloth we can leave it clean and as new.

This does not mean that the other microwaves with white enamel are dirtier. In fact, enameling is practically as easy to clean as stainless steel but doesn’t bring that touch of design as stainless steel microwaves do.

Features to consider to choose the best microwave for your home

Microwave capacity and measurements

The size of the microwave is the first difference and quite possibly the most important that we will have to decide before buying the best microwave. Both of the exterior dimensions of the microwave for installation in the kitchen and the capacity of the interior of the microwave.

Each home has its own needs and for the same reason we can buy microwaves ranging from less 10 liters to almost 50 liters capacity. Thanks to this, you can choose the microwave that best suits your kitchen needs. Our main recommendation is to think of what you cook and what you use the microwave for regularly.

I.e., if you only use it to heat water or milk, with a small microwave you have enough. By cons, if you use the microwave to cook and prepare all kinds of recipes, you will be interested buy a large microwave with large capacity. But to get your purchase right it is important to measure firstly the measurements available in the kitchen furniture or where you are going to install your new microwave.

Power and levels

The second feature to which we must pay special attention is the power of the microwave. Depending on the size and capacity of the appliance, it should have one power or another. Is not the same heat a glass of water than cook chicken in the microwave. For that, all microwaves on the market have several power levels to be able to select the most suitable for each food of each moment.

If the power is not adjusted to each dish or food, we will not be able to get good results. For example if set the maximum power to heat a previously cooked dish, it will be completely dry and you will lose its properties.

Depending on the more power the microwave has, the faster the food will heat up and you can cook more food inside. Currently microwaves allow Set the most suitable power level. In fact, some have specific cooking programs to prepare some foods or others. Equally, the power selector is one of the indispensable features in any microwave.

In a way of buying guide we can affirm that the power of the microwave varies from 500/600 Watts to 1500/1200 or even more in some models. It will depend largely on the brand and technology of the manufacturer. But the important thing is that choose the one that best suits your microwave kitchen needs.

Additional functions

Similarly, depending on the brand and range of the microwave we can find more functions and technical specifications additional.
Some of these functions are very practical and others are only for what type of use you give the microwave. Below we will see what functions we can find in the best-rated microwaves on the market.

Child lock

The locking of the buttons will prevent children or by mistake from starting the microwave. Although it may seem that it is not very important, it is actually very useful and practical. This is because if the microwave is turned on while empty it could damage its mechanism. For which, having a button lock is very practical so that it does not turn on when cleaning for example.


Almost all microwaves on the market have a turntable that spins while heating. Nevertheless, on some high-end models we can disable the turntable. Is a function interesting to be able to use fountains or large dishes inside and that it does not give bumps when is heating inside the microwave.


Some microwaves feature an ECO mode that lowers energy consumption. Therefore, they are more efficient and economical in their use. ECO function can use less power depending on the amount of food or even can turn off the microwave screen to reduce the electrical consumption of the appliance.

Quick start with one button.

Although you use the microwave to cook all kinds of recipes, most of the time we use it for heating. For this reason, many microwaves on the market have a quick start key. By pressing this button activates the microwave with a preset time and power. Generally are thirty seconds at maximum power. Which is especially useful for heating any food or reheating anything.

Best microwaves prices

The price is another of the characteristics that most affect the process of buying any appliance. In the sector of microwaves we can find appliances for just over 50 euros to more than 200. Differences in the price range responds to the quality, functions and performance of each microwave and each particular brand.

In this comparison we have selected microwaves with the best opinions and customer ratings. Also, we have looked for the best offers and discounts so you can buy the best microwave for your kitchen at the best price.

A microwave is possibly the most functional appliance we can find in the Kitchen. But most people use it for heating, many people use it more and more and prepare all kinds of recipes and dishes with the microwave. But let’s see what functions a good microwave has or should have to make the most of our purchase.

Cooking with the best microwave

Is possibly the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the uses of the microwave. But actually does a lot more than warm up. For example, we can heat, boil or reheat. From liquids to any solid food. Precisely that’s why, that possibly the most common use that most homes make of microwaves.

At the time of heating only will have to select the necessary time. This is a step to take into account and make it according to the needs of each food or need. IE, to heat the water a little, we will put less time than to heat an infusion for example.

The best microwaves on the market incorporate a table of the times needed to heat different foods. Equally, they also have a setting of the temperature so that with just a push of a button you can heat whatever you want to perfection.

Defrosting food is the second action we use the microwave most for in the kitchen.Thanks to thawing with a microwave is much faster and more efficient than waiting for it to thaw in a natural way. Virtually all microwaves on the market have a specific function for defrosting food. So we will have to select the necessary time. To do this, we will have to take into account the weight of the food and the size.

To defrost with a microwave it is very important to select the defrost function. If not, instead of defrosting it will start cooking. But the inner part will reamain completely frozen.

To be able to brown food with the microwave, we require a function that is not included in all microwaves. However if you like cooc in a microwave you will need this function. We are talking about the grill function of the microwave. The grill is nothing more than a resistance in the superior part and similar to the one that the Ovens incorporate.

If we select the grill function we can brown food, prepare a pizza or any other dish we want as if we were doing it in an oven. But with the difference of doing it with much less time and spending much less electric power.

Cooking is possibly the most unknown and undervalued function of the microwave. But it is actually possible to cook any dish or recipe thanks to the power of the microwave and in much less time. Obviously each dish, food or recipe will require a level of power suitable and a necessary cooking time. When we know this, we can cook any food.

And in much less time and saving on energy consumption. Some of the best microwaves also have a wide variety of preset programs for cooking of food and dishes at the touch of a button. If the microwave does not have this function, you will have to go testing the combination of time and power most suitable for each dish and need.

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