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When making this comparative guide of the best toasters on the market we have taken into account several factors. Factors and characteristics such as: the power or also, the resistances that make up the toaster, the size, i.e. how many are the slices of bread that you can heat at once, programs and functions such as defrosting or reheating and accessories that you can include such as the baking tray among others.

Equally, we have considered the design. Virtually all toasters are quite similar but as it is a kitchen appliance that is always in sight, more and more people prefer a toaster with a more attractive or decorative design. It is true that a toaster is not much of a mystery, but beyond its simple operation there are features that are worth knowing before buying a toaster to be able to make the most of this item.

Which toaster to choose?

In the sector of toasters, there are many among the toasters that could be considered the best-selling we could even select the best-selling one but that would tell you very little information and very little use.

There are many features that make different toasters and that provide many different functionalities. So to say which is the best selling is useless. Depends on the features we are looking for, the design, the price range and most importantly, the type of bread toaster that best meets our expectations.

To find a this buying guide and the list of the toasters best sellers and best reviews from customers, we have selected statistics and segmented per types of toaster and features to give you a detailed list of the best toasters of every kind and style. So you will have all the information for be able to choose the one that best suits you.

Types of toasters

First thing to decide when choosing the best toaster. Basically we find two types of toasters, flat toasters and toasters with one or two slots for bread slices. Flat toasters usually have a higher power since they only heat on one side, therefore, they need a higher energy to toast the bread.

The main advantage of this type of toaster is that we don’t have to settle for just toast or slices but we can toast all kinds of bread, croissants and many more pastry foods. As they do not have to fit inside the slot, we can heat any food or even toast the bread of a snack without further complications.

We can find slot toasters with different slot sizes and also with a single slot for extra large slices. If we want choose the best toaster with slots we must think about what type of toast we want to prepare since if for example, we acquire a toaster with two slots for slices of mold bread and we can not toast slices of other types of bread larger or more voluminous.

Compact toasters

In order to toast slices of bread or to make some delicious toast, there is nothing like bread toasters. With the variety of models and shapes, you are sure to find the one that best suits your tastes. Easy and simple to use, you just have to select the power to toast more or less to the taste of anyone.

By compact toasters, we mean those toasters that either have a capacity for one or two slices or that by their design are considered compact. These toasters have the main advantage that we can store it and store it in almost anywhere or if we choose to leave it on top of the counter, it will not take up as much space or clutter in the kitchen.

Flat toaster

These toasters allow toast any type of slice of bread thanks to the fact that it does not have a slot to which it has to be adjusted but that it is put on top of the toaster and the bread is toasted regardless of the size of the slice of bread.

Many people consider that this type of toasters are more practical and easier to use than conventional slotted ones. Certainly, this is true if we prefer extra large slices or with a higher thickness that we can not toast on conventional models or if we enjoy a freshly heated croissant.Its counterpart is that they occupy a larger space even if it can be stored vertically.

Also they generate quite a lot of heat and you have to be careful that no liquid falls to the resistors since we could cause a short circuit or damage the toaster and its resistors.

Toaster with one or two slots

The typical bread toasters with a slot and spring that jumps upon reaching the selected cooking point. We can find them in different sizes and with one or two slots. Unlike the compact toasters we’ve discussed above, these toasters are larger in size to accommodate two slices per slot or a larger slice of bread. Are intended to be able to toast a larger amount simultaneously.


As we have said in the previous section, the size of a toaster will directly affect the type of slices or toasts that we can prepare. It is more advisable to buy the most versatile model, for this you must have a groove wide enough to enter the vast majority of slices of bread on the market.

We will also have to think about how many people will use the toaster. For example, if we want to toast bread for a single person, almost any toaster can go perfectly. Instead, if we are one of those who prepare toast for the whole family, the best toaster will be one that has at least two slots and that fit several slices at once and so do not have to wait to finish until all the bread has been toasted.

Toasting power

A very important feature in a toaster is the power level. It is not so important the maximum power you have but that should have a selector to be able to choose the level of toasting we want. All bread toasters allow you to select different levels of toasting based on numbers. It is complicated know how to toast the bread as it depends on many factors such as the thickness of the slice.

For this reason, the easiest thing is to do tests to select the one we like best.


As it is an appliance with a very simple operation, it is very safe appliances. Still, as they are electrical appliances and they also heat up considerably in the indoor area.

This area where the resistors are located that are heated when turned on, are very well insulated and do not transmit heat to the outside. You must always be careful when taking out the bread and do not touch with the resistors an interior piece since it will be very hot.

All toasters have a lever that allows you to raise the bread above the slot and thus avoid approaching the resistances. We also find a mechanism in a toaster is the base that normally has some insulating pieces that lift it a few millimeters from the ground to prevent it from coming into contact with water or moisture on the kitchen countertop.

These pieces serve in turn to give more stability to the toaster.

Functions of the toaster

Depending on the type of toaster, we can to select more functions apart from one of toasts to a certain extent. Even some include a defrost function. This function is very practical since it heats the bread but only just enough to get to defrost without toasting.

There is also the function to reheat, yes we have already toasted the bread but for any reason it has cooled, with this function we can heat it without re-toasting it and burn it.


Some toasters have various accessories. Thanks to these accessories we can use the toaster for other uses and get more out of it. For example,a widely used accessory, is the dust collector base. This tray is nothing more than a tray located at the bottom and that by means of a small lever on one side we can extract.

In this collector tray are accumulating all the crumbs and remains of bread that fall with daily use and greatly facilitates the cleaning of the toaster. There is also another accessory very practical is a type of grill that is located at the top above the slots where are and in which we can place any piece of bread or sandwich to defrost it or simply heat it without toasting.

With these practical accessories a toaster becomes much more than a toaster and we can take much more advantage of this kitchen appliance.


Roughly speaking we can say that toasters have not evolved much in terms of design since they perfectly fulfill their function. Still, in recent times we have seen the proliferation of different designs and finishes in toasters. For that a toaster fulfills its function well as an appliance that is always in sight and above the kitchen counter, so it is not surprising that more and more people opt to choose a designer toaster.

Among the different designs we can find, there are different colors, different materials and shapes, and some retro or vintage styles such as vintage toasters. If you have a kitchen of a certain color, or you just love items with a retro style or maybe minimalist there is a toaster for every taste.

Price of the best toasters

We came to one of the most important points when choosing which toaster to buy. As with all products we can find all prices and for all budgets. From / we can find toasters with prices around 10 pounds and some models that go up to 120.

Although the main function of all bread toasters is precisely toasting slices of bread in this price difference we find characteristics very different between models. By having more functionalities, accessories and possibilities we look for in a toaster, the more money we will have to invest in it.

The same will happen with the design that will increase the price. There are also very cheap toasters, from our experience we can say that they are not worth it. The cheapest ones are usually made of low-quality materials and therefore stop working in a very short time. That’s why it’s worth spending a little more money and buying a quality toaster that can last for many years in perfect condition.

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