Why you should try steam cooking

Steam cooking method is causing a sensation among those who want a healthier lifestyle, given the many advantages it has. If you don´t know them? keep reading! we’ll tell you.

It is probably the healthiest cooking technique that exists, because the food is cooked little by little allowing to conserve and preserve all the nutrients, especially those of the vegetables. But also in fisch and meat. Using only the water steam that is generated, we can achieve fantastic results by gathering all the flavor of food while obtaining less fat in our dishes.

Healthy and tasteful

This cooking technique is perfect if you are starting out in the kitchen, because this technique is simple and ideal if you want to maintain a careful and balanced diet. But it is also a good idea if you are a beginner in preparing elaborate dishes, once you learn, you will want to cook all your dishes steamed!

In addition, it is not true that this type of cooking is associated with bland and boring dishes. Thanks to the large number of recipes that you can find, you will get optimal results using numerous spices that will brighten your dishes and thus maintaining all the flavor of food.

Benefits of steaming you food

  • Preserves all nutrients and properties of the food like vegetables and meat
  • Maintains original taste, texture and aroma
  • No fats or oils added which means healthier dishes
  • Facilitates digestion, as it is very light
  • Steam cooking is economical, fast and clean

What do I need?

There are a lot of products in the market that can cook only using the steam previously generated. But if you want to know the best steam cookers.

It is true that steaming can be done in multiple and diverse kitchen utensils. In example you can use a pot or saucepan with boiling water and a strainer on top without touching the water. But the best choice are the most sophisticated food processor, through electric steamers and steam cases.

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